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Alexander biesbroek

Egyptian, Near Eastern & Classical


Papelaan 65

2252 EE Voorschoten

The Netherlands

A Roman Bronze Head of a Bull

An attachment in the shape of a bull’s head. The head is triangular in shape and shows carefully executed, incised details: the eyes, the nostrils and the long hair, indicated by wavy lines. The animal is wearing an elaborate sacrificial harness with raised striated bands running across the forehead, near the horns and on the sides. The ears were perforated with pins for attachment.

Provenance: ex-Giorgio Sangiorgi Collection (1886–1960 or 1965), a collector and antiquities dealer, who had a gallery at the Palazzo Borghese in Rome. He assembled most of his collection beginning in the late 19th century. An exhibition of his ancient textiles was held at the Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome in 1911, and his ancient glass collection was published in 1914. Many of his pieces were subsequently acquired by private collectors and museums.

Roman, circa 1st-2nd century A.D. ; H: 6.3 cm.

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