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Taranto, late 3rd or early 2nd century B.C.

Statuette depicting a young woman (maybe a maenad).

Monogram at the back I PHI.


Beige clay and pigmentation.

Small missing parts.

H: 33 cm

QED Thermoluminescence test 


Provenance: M. L. Collection, France, 1980s.

Comparative bibliography: Tanagra, Mythe et archéologie, RMN Paris 2003, p. 283, n. 220.

This statuette is probably depicting a maenad, in slightly lopsided posture, standing on her left leg. She is dressed in a himation and wearing a crown made of large ivy leafs. The drapery is identical to the one found on a statuette kept at the Antikensammlung Museum in Berlin. The latter is holding a disc-shaped mirror in her left hand and odds are this one had one too. These votive statuettes were multicouloured. This one is no exception to the rule as it still shows traces of blue, pink and red. The back is pierced with a small circular vent and has a monogram in relief.

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